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a discipline or school of thought as defined by a set of methods and doctrines.

Definitions vary over time, place, and user (when, where, what/who).

This is because most americans have their own car insurance covering them, when they rent a car.

If you rent the car with "Basic Insurance" anything happen to the car or toward 3rd parties, is your liability.

If you add Insurance at the counter it costs you up to 55 Dollar We want to spare you the unpleasant experience and offer a so called "insurance package deal" which not only includes 100% Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and up to 1 Mio additional Liability Insurance, but also all additional drivers and 1 Free Tank of gas (you pickup the car full and return it empty) as well as up to 2 free Car-Seats if you have children.

But often is cheaper than the rate with no insurance included.

( Most travelers from the Russia want additional insurance such as Collision Damage Waiver and additional Liability Insurance, when renting a car in the USA.

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