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When I started trintellix I had the stomach upset that is common but it went away after a week or so.But the benefits I got from it far outweighed the detriments.These two warnings are listed on the Trintellix web page. After a week to about a week and a half of taking the medication, the nausea was very prevalent.I would take the medicine at night, with gravol and still be nauseous for the entirety of the next day. Tried 10 mgs again..encased pill in bread to ease pain but seemed like the and normalcy went away and pain still there off and on.

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But the nausea side effects make it almost bad enough to quit.Towards the end, however, I had increased cravings for food, I went from not being able to sleep at all to having to sleep ALL DAY.My nipples almost got really tender and a little swollen.A meta-analysis of clinical trials (Rosenblat, Kakar, Mc Intyre, 2015) posted in Pub Med found that it improved psychomotor speed by 34% (P=.0001) and delayed recall by 24% (P=0.0007).""I'm on 10mg and the anxiety/depression has greatly improved.I used to take it at night before bed, but then I found myself not sleeping well at all.

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